Set Drill into URL

On dashboards, you can add drill interactions to your insights which will link the user to any URL you want. The URL can be made dynamic through the use of Insight and Identifier parameters that change depending on what part of the insight you click.

Create a Drill into URL


  1. Edit your dashboard and click on the insight that you want to set up a drill path for.

    The options menu opens.

  2. Select Interactions.

    select insight to edit

  3. Click + Add interaction and select the metric you would like to drill in on.

    select a metric

  4. In the first dropdown menu, select Drill into URL.

    In the second dropdown menu, select Add custom URL.

    define the drill action

    The Add custom URL dialog opens.

  5. Create a URL you want to drill into and click Apply. Note that you may use parameters from the right side of the dialog to create a context-dependent URL.

    define your customized url

  6. Save & Publish your changes.

    Notice that if you hover over the insight now, you are able to click on a metric to drill in on it.

    observe the metrics are clickable now