Drilling in Dashboards

Create interactive dashboards by adding drills to your insights. Drills link elements in your insights to other insights or dashboards, letting you browse your data in greater context with the click of a mouse.

Drill into Insights

Drill into insights is a drill-down type operation that opens an insight in a new dialog. This insight may contain the same metric as the original report, but it can slice that metric with a new attribute, while filtering for the attribute value selected in the original insight.

In the following example, the original insight breaks down the relative number of customers by region and time. Every point on the graph represents customers in that particular region at that particular time. Because a drill into insight has been defined, clicking a point on the graph leads to another insight that shows the purchases made by that group of customers, broken down by product category.

drill into insights animation

Drill into Dashboards

Drill into dashboards is a drill-across type operation that takes you to a new dashboard tab that may contain an entirely different set of metrics and attributes. If the original insight contained any active filters, the same filters will be applied to the new dashboard as well, if applicable.

In the following example, the original insight breaks down products sold by product category. Because a drill into dashboard has been defined, clicking a product category leads to another dashboard that shows product details and it is filtered for the selected product category.

drill into dashboards animation