Visualize Your Data

Analytical Designer allows you to visualize your data using an array of analytical tools and insight types.

Analytical Designer

In Analytical Designer, you can:

1 Analyze measures that represent quantitative data.

2 Analyze attributes that represent qualitative data.

3 Switch among multiple types of insights. For details, see Insight Types.

4 Drag data from your Data Catalog to any active drop zone of the canvas to start creating your insight (or visualization).

5 Drag data from these zones back to Data Catalog to remove them from your insight.

6 Drag any attribute to the bar to filter your data.

7 Use suggestions that help you modify your insight based on common usage patterns.

8 Configure your insight: change colors, modify axes, legends, and canvas. For details, see Configure Insight Properties.

9 Navigate between steps or clear your insight.

10 Save your insight.

To learn how to work with Analytical Designer in more detail, read the following sections: