PostgreSQL Server

Data Source Details

Use the following information when creating a data source for your PostgreSQL Server database:

  • The JDBC URL must be in the following format:


  • Basic authentication is supported. Specify user and password.

  • If you use native authentication inside your cloud platform (for example, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure), you do not have to provide the username and password.

GoodData Cloud Native (GoodData.CN) uses the driver with version 42.2.9.

The following database versions are supported:

  • 9.x
  • 10.x
  • 11.x
  • 12.x
  • 13.x

Performance Tips

If your database holds a large amount of data, consider the following practices:

  • Index the columns that are most frequently used for JOIN and aggregation operations. Those columns may be mapped to attributes, labels, primary and foreign keys.

  • Define partitioning to improve performance of insights that use only the recent data.

    This feature strongly relies on the version of your PostgreSQL Version database, so check the official user documentation for your version.

Permitted parameters

  • adaptiveFetch
  • adaptiveFetchMaximum
  • adaptiveFetchMinimum
  • allowEncodingChanges
  • ApplicationName
  • assumeMinServerVersion
  • autosave
  • binaryTransferDisable
  • binaryTransferEnable
  • cleanupSavepoints
  • connectTimeout
  • currentSchema
  • defaultRowFetchSize
  • disableColumnSanitiser
  • escapeSyntaxCallMode
  • gssEncMode
  • hostRecheckSeconds
  • loadBalanceHosts
  • loginTimeout
  • logUnclosedConnections
  • options
  • preferQueryMode
  • preparedStatementCacheQueries
  • preparedStatementCacheSizeMiB
  • readOnly
  • reWriteBatchedInserts
  • socketFactory
  • socketTimeout
  • ssl
  • sslcert
  • sslfactory
  • sslmode
  • sslpassword
  • sslpasswordcallback
  • targetServerType
  • tcpKeepAlive