Getting Started

New to GoodData.CN? Find your way around here.

This series of tutorials will show you how to get started with GoodData Cloud Native (GoodData.CN).

What You Will Learn

In the first few tutorials, you will learn how to create a workspace, connect a database to the workspace, create a logical data model, and build a dashboard with insights.

After you complete these basic tutorials, you can proceed to more advanced tutorials such as embedding analytics into your application, creating a workspace hierarchy, and managing various entities programmatically.


Before you start, install and run Docker on your machine.

If you use Microsoft Windows, we recommend that you install PowerShell 7. Older versions of PowerShell do not provide sufficient information for error troubleshooting.


You are going to work with the GoodData.CN Community Edition. You can download it as an All-in-One (AIO) Docker image.

When working with the tutorials, you are going to use the following resources:

  • http://localhost:3000 is the application endpoint of the AIO deployment.

    You can change the main port of the application. If you do so, update it accordingly in code samples in the tutorials.

  • demo is the ID of the demo workspace.

  • demo-ds is the ID of the demo data source (that is, the database with sample data included in the Docker image that you are going to connect to your workspace).

  • YWRtaW46Ym9vdHN0cmFwOmFkbWluMTIz is the API token that you use to authenticate as a demo user.

Enjoy and let us know your feedback!

Proceed to the following tutorials:

Get GoodData.CN

How to start GoodData.CN locally?

Create a Workspace

How to organize the analytics?

Connect Data

How to connect your data?

Build a Logical Data Model

How to build a logical data model?

Create a Dashboard with Insights

How to create a dashboard with insights?

Embed Analytics into Your Application

How to embed GoodData analytics into your web application?

Create a Multitenant Environment

How to share a model with multiple workspaces using a workspace hierarchy?

Create Measures Using the APIs

How to create a custom measure?

Load the Demo Data to Your Own Database

How to integrate the demo data into a different database?