Learn how to communicate with the API

Use existing tools

Request send:

For simple use-cases you can use CURL, but it’s heavily recommended using some more advanced tooling to communicate with Gooddata.CN API - especially with capability of generate API requests and payloads from - OpenAPI schema.


  • Install Postman (how-to)
  • hit Import, select link and put URL of raw OpenAPI schema
    Postman initial window
  • hit Continue, keep default advanced settings (be sure that Folder organization is set to Tags), hit Import
    Postman import OpenAPI schema
  • select collections, open details and in Authorization tab select type Bearer Token + fill Token value with API Token
    Postman authentication setup
  • open details and in Variables1 tab and set baseUrl with base path (scheme + authority pointing to Gooddata.CN endpoint).
    Postman variables setup
  • pick one of the endpoints and try to send request

Generate your own client

  1. get OpenAPI schema
  2. generate client in language of your choice by 2


generate TypeScript client to the current folder:

openapi-generator generate -i $ENDPOINT/docs/api/gooddata-cn-oapi-all-raw-schema.json -g typescript-rxjs -o .

where $ENDPOINT = OpenAPI schema

  1. More about Postman variables: ↩︎

  2. Note that in some languages the code generated from openapi-generator might not be valid - you have to update it manually. Java/Kotlin: / / Python: ↩︎