Stacked Area Charts

Stacked area charts show data as an area under a line that connects data points. They are similar to line charts and express changes across time.

Stacked area charts have the following sections:

  • Measures
  • View by
  • Stack by
  • Configuration

In stacked area charts, you can also:

  • Display the values as a percentage.

    To do so, add a date or an attribute to the View by section.

  • Stack the chart by attributes.

    To add attributes to the Stack by section, you must have only one item in the Measures section.

    For details on how to stack multiple measures, see Stack measures.

You can add a single measure or multiple measures to create different types of area charts. See the table for details:

Table Key: ✅ = Add attributes. ❌ = Do not add attributes. N/A = Attributes not supported.

MeasuresView by AttributesStack by AttributesResult
SingleArea chart
SingleStacked area chart
MultipleN/AStacked area chart

For information about common characteristics and settings of all insights, see Insight Types.

stacked area chart