DNS Configuration Management

This page presents available options how to manage DNS records for Organization resources and. You will create the Organizations after you finish the installation of the GoodData.CN. However, you should have clear understanding of the DNS records management required by Organizations prior you start with the installation.

Every Organization has its own hostname that is bound to Kubernetes Ingress resource and all services for a given organization are available on this hostname. Also, if you decide to deploy Dex, you will need hostname for Dex authentication Ingress. See OIDC Provider Setup for more details about Dex.

DNS record management depends on the way how you have decided to deploy the frontend Load Balancer.

Manual DNS records management

You manage the DNS records manually on your own. You need to setup the DNS record for each Organization Ingress and possibly for Dex authentication Ingress.

Manage DNS records with external-dns

Based on your assessment in Domains and Certificates Management you may find convenient to manage hostnames by External DNS. This may come handy if you plan to have multiple organizations for example. It is also fastest way how to setup DNS records if you already have External DNS running in your cluster.