Date Dataset

A Date dataset is a dataset in the logical data model(LDM) that represents DATE / TIMESTAMP columns in your database. The Date dataset helps you manage time-based data and enables aggregation at the day, week, month, quarter, and year level.

When a relationship exists between a standard dataset and a Date dataset, the related foreign keys are mapped to the DATE / TIMESTAMP columns.

You can share a Date dataset with multiple standard datasets and then slice the facts from those standard datasets by the dates from the Date dataset.

You can create multiple Date datasets and create relationships between these Date datasets and one standard dataset, for example:

  • Date datasets: Created, Last Updated
  • Standard dataset: Tickets containing two foreign keys, Created and Last Updated

A Date dataset in the LDM is identified by the following visual object:

Date Dataset Example

Granularity Levels in a Data Dataset

The Date datasets support the following categories of date/time granularity:

  • Chronological
  • Periodical

When used in the LDM, the Date dataset defines what levels of granularity can be used in your analytics and how the titles of the those levels should be presented.

ChronologicalMinuteDate and time with minute granularity (for example, 2021-04-16 12:34)
ChronologicalHourDate and time with hour granularity (for example, 2021-04-16 12)
ChronologicalDateDate with day granularity (for example, 2021-04-16)
ChronologicalWeek/YearWeek and year (for example, 2021-20)
ChronologicalMonth/YearDate with month granularity (for example, 2021-12)
ChronologicalQuarter/YearDate with quarter granularity (for example, 2021-1)
ChronologicalYearDate with year granularity (for example, 2021)
PeriodicalMinute of HourGeneric minute of the hour (1-60)
PeriodicalHour of DayGeneric hour of the day (0-23)
PeriodicalDay of WeekGeneric day of the week (1-7)
PeriodicalDay of MonthGeneric day of the month (1-31)
PeriodicalDay of YearGeneric day of the year (1-366)
PeriodicalWeek of YearGeneric week (1-53)
PeriodicalMonth of YearGeneric month (1-12)
PeriodicalQuarter of YearGeneric quarter (1-4)