Powerful analytics,
modern data stack

Your data stack is built atop of a powerful database. It is robust and reliable yet you struggle to continuously deliver meaningful datasets and insights to all your users.

Meet the most effective and scalable approach to building customer-facing analytics.

Model Model Model

Getting started in 5 minutes



Spin up a single Docker container or deploy GoodData to your Kubernetes cluster.

docker pull registry.gooddata.com/gooddata-aio:1.0.0
docker run --name gooddata registry.gooddata.com/gooddata-aio:1.0.0


Scan your database physical model and build a semantic model on top of your data.

  "data": {
    "attributes": {
      "name": "prod-db",
      "url": "jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/prod",
      "schema": "public",
      "type": "POSTGRESQL"
    "id": "prod-ds",
    "type": "data-source"


Choose the right visualization for your metric calculation and execute your first analytics insight.

Now you are ready to embed analytics into your application.

Active Users:
SELECT COUNT(User) WHERE User Status = "Active"

Montly Active Users:
SELECT Active Users BY Month

Average MAU:
SELECT AVG(Monthly Active Users)
import "@gooddata/sdk-ui-charts/styles/css/main.css";
import { ColumnChart } from "@gooddata/sdk-ui-charts";
import { Ldm } from "./ldm";

const style = { height: 300 };

<div style={style}>


Semantic layer

Decouple analytics from the physical model. Refactor as needed.


Powerful API

Automate anything via declarative REST API.

Multi cloud

Deploy anywhere with Kubernetes.


Embed a whole dashboard or each chart as a React component.

Data visualizations

Choose the right prebuilt chart type for any insight.

Interactive dashboards

Improve the user experience with dynamic filters and drilling.

Full visual customization

Style anything.

Self-service analytics

Let the users explore and build their own charts.

Analytics: Built as any other code

The semantic layer on top of your data gives you unmatched productivity.

Abstractions, reuse, refactoring – it’s all there. Name aggregated calculations and pass their definition as an argument to another calculation.

Write queries like SELECT Sign Up Month, # Active Users, or SELECT Product, Region, # Active Users – they just work. Forget about table joins and GROUP BYs, these are all generated automatically based on the query context. If you change the definition of # Active Users, the queries still work. Need to refactor Region to a different table? The queries work without changes.

Publish and lock the calculations so everyone starts with the same curated experience. Your users can build their own calculations and visualizations using the common data vocabulary.


User experience: Customized and interactive

Rich component library gives you full visual control over the user interface.

Make a GoodData dashboard an inherent part of your application. React to the events happening within the dashboard: a dashboard loaded, a filter changed, a drill-down executed. Send commands from your application to the dashboard: switch to the edit mode, add a widget, change a filter.

Need tighter integration? Embed each chart as a React component. Use <InsightView /> to embed a ready-to-go visualization or build your own <BarChart /> by <BarChart />, and anything else from an <AreaChart /> to a <Treemap />.

And this is just the start. Develop your own React components. Connect to your favorite visualization library. Add in some business logic to control which charts are displayed when. Or give the users a drag and drop interface to explore and build their own insights.

User Experience

By developers, for developers

GoodData is the analytics platform you would build.

Our approach is API first. You can automate everything. Whatever you build and configure, is machine readable.

All the definitions are declarative: users, data sources, models, charts, dashboards, workspaces. Everything can be exported, imported, and versioned. Definitions can be shared and inherited.

GoodData integrates easily with all the major players. Install our Helm chart and run analytics close to your data in any cloud or on premises. Your data stack and our platform fit together.

By developers, for developers

Become an early adopter

Powerful analytics

Modern user experience


GoodData gives you analytics you can plug into your system in minutes. How does GoodData fit into your data stack?
Learn more about how to try it out on our community.