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Cloud-native analytics with a powerful engine, beautiful interactive visualizations, and self‑service tools.

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Component JavaScript library for rapid development of interactive analytical UI.

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Hosted GoodData Platform

The same analytics power, the same flexibility and scalability, and the same tools, just hosted by us. Benefit from data integration with cloud data warehouses, S3, and other data sources. Experience, a data warehouse service, enterprise security, custom branding, and automated backups.


The best way to build self-service analytics

A deployed solution with a powerful analytics engine, an efficient query language, and a resilient semantic data layer – all built with developers in mind. Plus, intuitive API for easy automation and integration, declarative object definitions for effortless versioning, and abstractions for unmatched productivity.

Add interactive dashboards, as well as drag-and-drop tools, for in-depth data exploration and for building and sharing elegant visualizations.

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The best library for a customized and interactive user experience

The rich JavaScript library gives you full visual control over the user interface. Integrate dashboards, embed each pre-built visual element as a React component, or connect the GoodData backend to your favorite visualization library.

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