Dave Jackson

GoodData has given us the power to scale business intelligence to transit agencies across the country. With a more intuitive and accessible solution, our customers can leverage valuable data to better service riders.

Dave Jackson General Manager at TransTrack

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Use case

Data, analytics, and business intelligence for transit agencies across the United States.


  • Three years of growth since partnering with GoodData
  • Over 98% customer retention with the help of GoodData analytics

What They're Saying

There’s potential for transportation data to aid social justice movements and minimize the negative environmental impact of emissions. We want to enable our customers to analyze myriad data sources in unison and use them to plan their business.

Dave Jackson General Manager at TransTrack

Customer story

Read this case study to learn how TransTrack:

  • Increased their customer retention rate to over 98%
  • Helps customers track metrics to inform operational strategy and business processes
  • Provides analytics that aid financial planning and identify cost reduction opportunities

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