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Speed to value is my primary goal. I don’t ever want to live through another ridiculously long BI project that doesn’t deliver value to the customer. I think we succeeded with GoodData.

Joe Hamlet Sr. Manager, Business Systems

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SendGrid provides a cloud-based email delivery service for transactional email management. They work with forward-thinking brands like Pinterest, Pandora, Snapchat and foursquare, aiming to relieve businesses of the cost and complexity of maintaining custom email systems.


As SendGrid grew, they needed a unified business intelligence strategy to support their top organizational goal: promoting customer success. Joe Hamlet, Senior Manager of Business Systems at SendGrid, recognized that having a single view of the customer would help them gain better insight and react more quickly to support that goal. With information living in 5+ different systems, integrating all relevant data and giving the organization tools to analyze it would be no small task.


SendGrid didn’t want “just a reporting tool.” They wanted a full-stack solution that included data warehousing and ETL in addition to a robust reporting and visualization layer--and it all had to be in the cloud. As a veteran analytics professional, Joe had tried the traditional BI vendors and knew that the cloud would give SendGrid the agility and speed to provide the value they needed. Ultimately, he chose GoodData because it met all of his requirements and delivered an exceptional customer-vendor relationship. Today, executives gain real-time visibility into bookings, customer acquisition, top customers and more while delivering on their commitment to transparency and a single source of truth.