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Elay Cohen

By partnering with GoodData, we can continue to be the leader in the industry, because we can keep on expanding and building out our features—without having to take half of our developers off our core competency to build out an analytics solution.

Elay Cohen Founder and CEO, SalesHood

At a glance

Customer since


Use case

Sales enablement

Favorite metric

Correlation of enablement to revenue

Best feature

Ability to create custom visualizations to illustrate important metrics


  • Increased sales and improvements in win-rate with new SalesHood Analytics
  • High customer satisfaction and net promoter score
  • Faster time to market

What They're Saying

By adding insights to our platform, we were able to maintain the edge we have over our competitors and help our customers meet their goals of improving sales productivity.

Elay Cohen Founder and CEO, SalesHood

Customer story

Saleshood helps companies improve the sales process and increase revenue by combining proven best practices in sales enablement with a platform that makes it easy to connect distributed teams. Saleshood’s platform houses all onboarding, sales training, coaching, and content management all in one central location. Combining business intelligence with their platform, they help sales leaders improve processes and increase revenue.

Learn how Saleshood:

  • Deployed embedded analytics without taking time from core competencies and developer resources
  • Wins new business by offering unique features that help companies scale their sales teams
  • Increased customer value by creating a customized analytics experience
  • Helps sales leaders correlate training and performance to improve revenue and the sales process

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