Roger Neel

Insights is literally transforming the way our customers run their business.

Roger Neel Founder and CTO, Mavenlink

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Project Delivery & Profitability

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Billable Utilization of Resources

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Interactive Report Builder


  • New revenue streams
  • Increased adoption across customer organizations
  • Customization that is sustainable at scale

Customer story

Mavenlink provides an enterprise-grade project delivery solution that transforms how businesses collaborate with teams and contractors around the globe. Partnering with GoodData allows them to identify meaningful insights found in the in-depth analysis of data from resource scheduling, planning and delivering work, and tracking financials and offer those insights out to their customers.

Learn how Mavenlink:

  • Added new revenue streams to their business
  • Increased adoption of their solution throughout customer organizations
  • Provide custom insights in context at scale

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