HIMSS Analytics

Miranda Ladue

We needed to transform the data into a usable, visual resource. We needed a true analytics distribution platform to easily share customized data with many types of users with very different needs.

Miranda Ladue VP, Operations & Solutions Management

At a glance

Customer since


Use case

Healthcare IT Market Research

Favorite metric

Number of organizations that have upgraded to the new solution

Best feature

Ability to design visualizations instead of writing requirements


  • Existing clients report 40% of users logging on every day.
  • Decreased development time from 6-month to 2-week release cycles.
  • Access to historical information to visualize

Customer story

HIMSS Analytics is a global healthcare advisor, providing guidance and market intelligence solutions pertaining to the use of IT. HIMSS needed the ability to disseminate custom insights and speed up the 4-6 months it was taking to make changes to their roadmap.

Learn how HIMSS:

  • Decreased development time from 6 months to 2 week release cycles
  • Provides access to historical information for benchmarking
  • Increased customer retention and entered new markets

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