John Collins

Working with GoodData has opened a window to new ideas and capabilities.

John Collins CEO GreatVines, Inc

At a glance

Customer since


Use case

Sales management tool in the beer, wine and spirits industry

Favorite metric

Rate of sale in high- activity vs. low-activity accounts

Best feature

Power and flexibility provided by MAQL


  • New revenue source
  • Improved customer relationships through added value
  • Improved retention due to competitive advantage

Customer story

GreatVines, Inc. provides a sales execution and management system for the beer, wine and spirits industry, with a focus on suppliers and distributors. Partnering with GoodData allows GreatVines to provide customer-facing analytics, drill down and even custom analytics within their customer’s daily workflows so they can quickly make decisions that directly impact sales.

Learn how GreatVines:

  • Provides customized drill down reports within the daily workflow
  • Added new revenue sources to their bottom line
  • Distribute actionable insights at mass scale

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