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Steve White

With GoodData, we’re contributing to the ability for transit agencies to be more efficient.

Steve White Chief Product Officer, GMV Syncromatics

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Use case

Data analytics to enhance performance, system efficiency

Favorite metric

How often transit agencies access Sync Insights, which indicates it’s being used.

Best feature

Dashboards that quickly display key metrics regarding performance and ridership.


  • By more accurately gathering and analyzing data, transit agencies can more optimally deploy resources and hold operating contractors more accountable for good service.

What They're Saying

What’s really exciting about this data is that it enables you to run your transit system better. It’s not about looking at cool charts. The faster you get to the data you need, the faster you get the insight out of the data to make better decisions.

Steve White Chief Product Officer, GMV Syncromatics

Customer story

GMV Syncromatics is the leader in building dispatch and reporting solutions for transit agencies. It takes the mountain of data that buses generate and makes it immediately available to help agencies better track ridership, bus and route performance to make sure they devote resources in the most optimal manner.

Learn how GMV Syncromatics:

  • Enables transit agencies to better track data to inform smart decision making
  • Provides dashboards built to quickly display information regarding performance, ridership and team performance
  • Filters for certain metrics and delivers that information on a regular basis to those who need it
  • Controls the user experience and the user interface so it is top notch

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