Rob Morris

Not only did GoodData help us meet the changing needs of talent acquisition teams — they also created a product that went above and beyond to drive acquisition and revenue for our MSP partners. It was truly a win-win.

Rob Morris Founder and CEO of ELEVATE

At a glance

Use case

Powering analytics for managed service providers


  • Multi-client analytics for MSP channel partners
  • Cost-effective analytics for a competitive advantage

What They're Saying

GoodData made it possible for us to meet every customer at eye-level with the ability to create customizable dashboards perfectly tailored to their needs.

Rob Morris Founder and CEO of ELEVATE

Customer story

Read this case study to learn how ELEVATE partnered with GoodData to enhance its BI offerings with flexible, monetizable data analytics. Powered by GoodData, the ELEVATE Analytics tool offers:

  • Customizable and role-based embedded dashboards
  • Drag and drop dynamic report generation
  • Machine learning-based predictive analytics

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