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Erin Mastrantonio

The difference between an average and an exemplary teacher is the ability to have this data-driven piece made easy.”

Erin Mastrantonio Data Analyst

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Differentiated Learning and Digital Learning Tools ROI

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Headline Reports; Top/Bottom Ratings

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Huge library of data visualization models

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Creating Data-Driven Personalized Learning Environments

Good teachers try to adapt lessons to help students learn at their own pace, but that takes time. Without technology, it’s nearly impossible to differentiate learning experiences every day, for every student. Education Elements gives districts and their teachers the power to personalize learning on a larger scale.

They are impacting education with game-changing results—all because teachers are now able to connect on an individual basis with each student, based on what they can clearly see about how learners are interacting with digital curriculum. With the insight gained to date through the SaaS product Highlight, schools have made data-driven decisions to catalyze performance growth rates of 135% in reading and 119% in math.

“We recognize that in the current climate, the difference between being an average teacher and an exemplary teacher is not just passion and dedication, it’s also the ability to have quick access to actionable data,” says Education Elements data analyst, Erin Mastrantonio. With GoodData inside, Highlight delivers quick, customizable reporting and actionable data that teachers can interact with and drill into for additional awareness of their students’ performance. Presented in easy-to-use dashboards, the reports are helping classroom teachers save time and personalize day-to-day learning more quickly. Education Elements is also providing insights to others involved in education—administrators and districts—for a clearer view of their true return on all their digital learning investments.