Jason Roy

GoodData offers our customers the power to peel back the onion and go deeper to streamline sales processes, build impactful marketing campaigns, and identify scalable growth opportunities at the corporate level.

Jason Roy CTO at CompareNetworks


  • 90% customer retention
  • New revenue stream
  • Fully scalable solution

What They're Saying

Having GoodData as our business intelligence partner empowers us to exceed customer expectations by allowing them to personalize and self-service data modeling and optimization for their own businesses.

Jason Roy CTO at CompareNetworks

Customer story

CompareNetworks delivers a media marketplace and platform that connects science and healthcare manufacturers with target buyers and helps them drive revenue. Read this case study to learn how CompareNetworks:

  • Created a new revenue stream that became a selling point in customer acquisition
  • Achieved a 90% annual customer retention rate
  • Helped their customers reach more than 300% year-over-year user growth

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