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Why We’re Focused on Smart Business Applications

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Why We’re Focused on Smart Business Applications

Over the years, GoodData has developed a strong thesis for where business intelligence (BI) is going and how we create the greatest value for customers, partners and end users. I’ll share our perspective with you now including some explanation, video, and examples of use cases.

BI has historically been about small, internal teams of analysts manipulating data separate from the core business applications that generate the data. The goal was consolidation of data from many silos in search of “1 truth”. The typical form of this activity is either static dashboard, Excel table, or series of PDF or PowerPoint slides.

The desired outcome of such efforts have largely been around hard-to-quantify benefits such as efficiency improvements or 'better decision making'.

The advent of Smart Business Applications changes this story dramatically – with the focus shifting to embedded analytics and data products that monetize and commercialize the distribution of data and analytics at scale.

DataTalk, Just 2 Minutes: Smart Business Applications Defined

This began with the Embedded Analytics sub-category, where the analytics widgets are embedded within a primary application. For the first time the analysis is being done in context and meaningful actions can be taken.

The next progression of this are the sub-categories of Packaged Analytics and Data Products. With these solutions, data and analytics permeate the entire application.

  • Packaged Analytics applications often serve internal networks of business stakeholders and drive business value indirectly by accelerating existing revenue streams.
  • Data Products are often distributed to external networks of business stakeholders - including clients, suppliers, and partners - and drive business value directly as revenue-generating products.

​The ultimate evolution of Smart Business Applications is the sub-category of Connected Insights, that realize the full value of a network of connected insights across companies, industries, or geographies to make the applications even more intelligent, resulting in the most powerful value-creation outcomes.

Smart Business Applications in Action

Customers including Allocadia and Demandbase are two good examples of independent software vendors collaborating with GoodData to design, launch, operate and continuously improve Smart Business Applications. Penton Media is a great example of an enterprise that has created a number of important data products, allowing them to automate the delivery of critical insights and ad hoc analytics out to their entire ecosystem. We’re thrilled to enable progressive companies like these who understand the incredible value of data within and outside their organizations.

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Written by GoodData Author  | 

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