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Who says data has to be boring? GoodData's new look will rock your socks off

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Who says data has to be boring? GoodData's new look will rock your socks off

Today begins an exciting new era for GoodData. You may have noticed our website and social channels have a completely new brand. We turned a vision for a seamless experience between our brand, products and company culture into reality, and we hope you see that our new imagery and tone reflect the sheer passion and enthusiasm of our employees, customers and partners. But before I show you more of our new brand identity, let me tell you a little bit about where we started.

The Story of GoodData's New Brand

When I joined GoodData three months ago, I brought together a team of modern marketers. Smart people who share the vision that all good brands tell a story, and the best stories have customers at the heart of them. Our first priority was to unite the speed, innovation and customer obsession behind GoodData's products with the brand we presented to the world.

I spent my first 30 days at GoodData on the phone with as many of our customers as possible. And oh the stories I heard! They told me we build solutions faster (months, even a year faster) than anything they could build themselves. They said their employees are no longer drowning in underperforming data, but serving themselves analytics to make real time decisions about revenue and processes. And the power of the data. One of our large retail customers inspired me when he said, "you shouldn't have to be a database administrator to sell a pair of pants."

There was clearly an opportunity to reinvent the GoodData brand so that it reflected these unique and powerful stories, highlighted our customers' personalities, and celebrated how they use data and analytics to understand and delight their own customers. Our new look, which matches the unbridled creativity of our customers and the infinite possibilities of our platform, is made up of four key elements:

The Superstars!

We started with a central mantra: put our customers first, front and center, and at the heart of everything we create. We brainstormed day and night, mapping the similarities between the customers and their stories. And while they all share a passion for using data to make faster, more thoughtful decisions, what stood out most was that no two customers use our platform in the same way. Across all of our products, from Powered By GoodData to GoodData Apps, our customers combine, visualize and report on data differently. That's why you'll see them throughout our website and wherever we go, telling their own powerful stories.

The Logo

In our digital world, a letter within a square is all it takes to symbolize the world's most innovative companies. We started with a fundamental shape in data visualization: the donut chart. That's how our new 'G' was born.

The Colors

GoodData's colors are simple: black, white and data.

The Data Patterns

We see data as a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. Our platform gives customers near infinite possibilities to combine, dissect and visualize their data. Each of our customers have a different data pattern that reflects their unique data story and their incredible results. The only thing limiting it is ... well, nothing.

What do you think of our new look? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or tweet at @gooddata using the hashtag #loveyourdata.

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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