When Bridging the IoT Skills Gap, Product Teams Lead the Way

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February 21, 2017

Has the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) evolved faster than the skill sets required to leverage it in achieving business objectives? Given the scarcity of job postings with “IoT” in the title, it would appear so.

In a recent article, Internet of Business columnist Adam Bridgwater posed this question:

“With a looming skills gap in front of us, how will we consolidate skills in the software engineering realm of developers, architects and device specialists to provide for our IoT-enabled future?”

For answers, he consulted executives from three software industry leaders, including GoodData CEO Roman Stanek.

Product Management Leads the Way

In his response to Bridgwater’s question, Stanek explained that the skills needed for IoT success fall squarely within the product management role, where one finds awareness of the vision, strategy and security needed to handle IoT data effectively. The new skills required to execute on IoT initiatives will fall into two categories:

Broadening the Scope

While IoT strategy should be owned by product management, in close collaboration with the security team, multi-functional collaboration across teams is key for IoT success.

“IoT needs to be collaborative because traditional expertise needs to be extended,” Stanek said, in the same way that today’s auto industry requires knowledge that goes far beyond carburetors and cylinder blocks.

For more of Stanek’s insights, read the article on the Internet of Business website.

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  • “How to Design”: How IoT fits into the product
  • “How to Protect”: The security aspect of handling data from IoT devices
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