What's Got Us Excited at GoodData and How Does it Impact the Modern Data Stack?

Written by Roman Stanek  | 

What's Got Us Excited at GoodData and How Does it Impact the Modern Data Stack?

Data infrastructure is modernizing, and obtaining access to it is getting easier every day. Amazon Web Services started the data infrastructure revolution and Snowflake quickly followed by launching a cloud-based, high-performance and economically viable analytics data warehouse. Since then, everything from data pipeline development, data cleansing, and profiling to data governance has been available as cloud-based technology. So what about business intelligence (BI)?

The Current State of Business Intelligence

While other technology solutions are on the cutting edge and innovative, most data insights continue to be delivered with BI tooling that predates cloud technology. In many cases, companies cannot easily access real-time data from every application or system they have in place. Additionally, much of the BI development can't support the current scale and need for agility and flexibility. So I believe it's time to do what my friend Steve Jones,CDO of CapGemini, calls "killing the code blobs” as mentioned in his Medium article.

GoodData’s Present

Today, with great pride, we are launching GoodData Cloud. GoodData Cloud is a brand-new, cloud-based analytics infrastructure designed to deliver trusted, real-time data in flexible, customizable ways that support every organization's current system. Our design is based on a modern, microservices-based analytics infrastructure that delivers the flexibility to easily integrate with the rest of the data stack via APIs and SDKs. Additionally, we provide tooling that makes the development, deployment, and management of data applications, dashboards, or any other form of insight consumption easy with our JavaScript SDKs and code accelerators.

GoodData Cloud comes pre-integrated with modern analytics services like Snowflake, Redshift, and Dremio. It delivers direct data source querying in real-time, drag-and-drop UI, and analytics consumption via open APIs. However, if the public cloud doesn't work for your organization's requirements, we have a viable alternative. Our alternative takes the functionality of the GoodData Cloud and makes it available as a cloud-native Docker image that can run anywhere.

GoodData Outlook for the Future

Today we launch GoodData Cloud on AWS with the vision of becoming the Switzerland of analytics. Our goal is to make analytics available on any cloud, in any region, and with any compliance framework required.

Have we piqued your interest, yet?

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Written by Roman Stanek  | 


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