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Vertica + GoodData. A Match Made in IoT Heaven

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Vertica + GoodData. A Match Made in IoT Heaven

Today, we are excited to publicly announce our expanded partnership with Vertica, a business unit of Micro Focus.

In working with customers over the past decade, we’ve found that what once was considered large data volumes are now considered trivial - especially in the age of the Internet of Things. As you may know, Vertica is a leading data warehouse that specializes in taking in, storing, and processing vast volumes of data. Partnering with the best-in-class, like Vertica, allows our customers to leverage their existing technology investments while seamlessly integrating GoodData with their business model and existing tech stack.

That is why our partnership makes perfect sense.

"Furthering our relationship with GoodData enables us to extend our reach to companies struggling to quickly derive value from the growing volumes of sensor data from our increasingly connected world,” shares Colin Mahony, Senior Vice President/General Manager of Vertica at Micro Focus. “With Vertica and GoodData, insights are instantly available to data-driven organizations, enabling them to unlock the massive potential of IoT through our trusted partnership."

A million records? A billion? How about 3 billion records every 15 minutes. That’s a lot of data, and that is Vertica’s specialty. But what if you want to turn that data into insights for users, customers, and partners - at that massive scale? Well, that is GoodData’s specialty.

We like to think of it as massive data ingestion and storage meeting massive scale analytics, for everyone. A match made in IoT analytics heaven. Hear firsthand from a customer who uncovered actionable insights that were previously untapped.

Hear what customer Calpine Energy has to say

“The energy industry produces an inordinate amount of data and our customers require a fine-grained record of energy consumption made at regular intervals through the day, every day,” shares George Theofanous, Manager, Calpine Energy Solutions. “The GoodData Vertica partnership allows us to provide granular and actionable insights to our customers so they can make informed decisions around procurement and pricing.”

The speed, scale, and flexibility the IoT demands

GoodData and Vertica joint customers will glean insights 10-50 times faster than the legacy database and data warehouse solutions.

Additional benefits:

  1. Vertica provides the freedom to deploy anywhere – on commodity hardware, across multiple clouds, and more. GoodData provides the power to distribute the high output of insights exactly where you need them. You can embed analytics anywhere and support mobile or desktop users without any extra development.
  2. Vertica + GoodData scales to all of your users, everywhere. Our automated platform ensures high performance anywhere in the world, whether you have 100 or 100,000 users. Plus, you are able to take advantage of an industry-leading set of localization and personalization options.
  3. Enjoy the freedom to add compute instances on the fly. As workload performance requirements increase, simply add additional compute resources during peak times, then scale back those resources when they’re no longer needed.

Are you ready to derive value from massive volumes of sensor data?
Contact us to learn more.

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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