Tracking key metrics with measure value filters

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Getting the right data to the right people in your organization is key in encouraging them to embrace data analytics. Particularly more business orientated employees, who need access to data insights through reports and dashboards, but likely don’t have the time to spend learning how to manipulate data or experiment with different tools.

With this in mind, the GoodData Analytical Designer gives users the ability to work with measures in order to visualize the data that’s important to them. One such measure is that of filtering insights by measure value.

What does it do and why do I need it?

The Measure Value filter lets you filter your data by values of the measures used in your insight. In other words, you can display data that falls within, outside or equal to a certain set of values.

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This visualization filter is especially valuable to organizations that have multiple branches or franchises, for instance.

Let’s imagine a brick-and-mortar retail chain, with several stores spread nationwide. One key metric they’ll want to track is that of how each branch is performing, for example, in terms of revenue, profit margin or individual employee sales performance. One of the Sales Director’s, or VP of Sales’, responsibilities will be to ensure each branch and their respective teams are hitting predetermined sales figures throughout the year. This will include tracking which are performing  above target, below target and maybe key individuals that need extra support, or those who are heading for ‘employee of the month’.

By using the Measure Value filter, the Sales Director can easily see which branches are bringing in the most revenue and/or profit margin, which fall inline with quarterly targets or which are underperforming. The Sales Director can filter figures using the following logical operators:

  • Greater than / Greater than or equal to
  • Less than / Less than or equal to
  • Between / Not between
  • Equal to / Not equal to 

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So, as you can see, the Measure Value Filter brings an easy-to-use but valuable tool to users, regardless of their data analytics experience.

June 29, 2020
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