The Key to a Great Customer Video: Fostering Partnerships

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June 12, 2017

Creating customer videos has been on my Wish List for quite some time, and recently we launched our first customer video featuring none other than ServiceChannel! I love working with ServiceChannel, as they are always looking for new ways to disrupt their industry and are happy to share their success through various co-marketing activities. Ours is truly a partnership, and I consider myself very lucky to have so many partners that want to work with me on different projects.

The timing for my video project was perfect, as I learned that ServiceChannel was building a Smart Business Application using Machine Learning for their Decision Engine that would be launching early Q2/17. That gave us time to work together on a launch plan so that both companies could share the news about ServiceChannel distributing machine learning capabilities to their customers at the same time, creating maximum impact.

Given that ServiceChannel is changing the way facilities managers and contractors work, analysts are always asking to speak with them. Along with creating a video about their growth with GoodData and addition of Machine Learning, we also worked with Blue Hill Research on the report, Beyond Self-Service: How Machine Learning Drives Enterprise Data’s Third Wave with input and content from ServiceChannel’s VP of Marketplace Strategy & Experience, Sid Shetty.

We’re following on with a webinar featuring Blue Hill Analyst Toph Whitmore and Sid Shetty on June 14 at 11AM Pacific. So much content created from our initial discussions around a customer video. Stayed tuned for our next customer story coming soon!


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