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See Inside Your Business: How Reliable, Consolidated Data Creates Visibility

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See Inside Your Business: How Reliable, Consolidated Data Creates Visibility

3 of 5: After exploring how self-service ups employee productivity and how cloud-based BI is changing IT, today let’s take a closer look at how GoodData is giving businesses more visibility into their own operations and performance.

Picture a warehouse building with no windows. When the owner of the building wants to know how things are looking inside, what happens? She or he has to personally run through every room, call up the managers inside for reports (and take their word as gospel) or hire someone else to do an inventory, which takes time. Now picture that same warehouse as a glass building—at a glance, the owner (plus every employee) can see for themselves what’s happening inside. GoodData BI gives you the same kind of transparency and “visibility” into data and operations.

Companies with multiple data silos and streams of data used to have to spend hours, days, weeks manually combining data from multiple sources into customized reports before they could really know how their company was performing. Most would also need to rely on their IT team to provide those reports and the analysis required. Now, with GoodData BI Solutions in place, people are gaining instant access to trusted, validated, real-time data and self-service business intelligence—increasing their visibility into business performance and enabling better business decisions.

How does GoodData improve visibility?

In a recent report, Assessing the Benefits of GoodData, Nucleus Research stated that with GoodData’s cloud-based analytics solution in place, businesses found:

  • A convergence of data that they’ve never had before.
  • A more holistic view of data. A more complete picture of their clients.
  • Operational dashboards for board, executive team and managers.
  • Up-to-date data for sales and marketing via marketing analytics dashboards.
  • Greater visibility into how leads, marketing and sales campaigns perform.
  • Much better understanding of corporate measurements and performance.

One customer interviewed summed it up by explaining,

“Previously, when a request came in from the executive team, people would have to scramble for an hour or two to gather all the data. Now the executive team simply accesses the dashboards and the information is right there, the way they want it.”

Another company now provides an operational dashboard for all employees to view, and says,

“Now everyone has a much better understanding of what we are measuring, and how our company is performing.”

Other users were happy that their BI solution could and would scale with their needs, stating:

“As we continue to grow, [GoodData] allows for a more holistic view of our data. We’re able to bring in all the data into one place, rather than a bunch of siloed systems.”

Three ways to see inside your business

With the convergence of disparate sources, real-time availability of data, and improved distribution of information, organizations reported an improved awareness and engagement in their operations. Let’s break down what that really means...

  • Convergence of disparate sources - Reducing the impact of data silos, and providing a single source of truth is vital for reliable analysis and reporting. Convergence into one consolidated and trusted source of data for business analytics ensures greater visibility into how the business is running. The GoodData Platform was designed from the start to access all your data from every data source — from SaaS to on premise, from structured to unstructured.
  • Real-time availability of data - Before GoodData, access to real-time data for fast response or decision making was unattainable. With the implementation of GoodData, businesses now have a holistic view of their data, in real-time, and have the data in the format and style they need to make decisions in the time frame and speed they need to be productive and impactful.
  • Improved distribution of information - ”Our clients are extremely smart, and data hungry. We are working to make them aware how easy it is to access and share the information. They now have a platform that they can use, easily navigate and ask questions of the data. They are using data that is standardized, and reports that are consistent across the environment.” You don’t have people pulling data from all sorts of places, and trying to create their own numbers or calculations on their own. Everything is validated and the data is trusted.”

For more on how GoodData business intelligence can increase your visibility, contact us.

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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