The secret of a dedicated data analytics platform

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With major growth, across multiple sectors, in the need for businesses to analyse more and more data, the requirement for intuitive scalable data analytics solutions is considerable.

When providing data driven SaaS services to your customers, your ability to effectively embed that data into an easy-to-use solution, often makes the difference between success and failure. However, having all the data required to create a successful product is only a small part of the picture. If you don’t have the ability to easily embed that data into your product, in a way that lets both you and your customers easily access the information, then your service will fall flat.

So, you have all the data you need to roll out a new Saas service, but lack an agile solution in order to give your customers access. While static, spreadsheet based reporting gives you the basic ability to analyse your data, when it comes to compiling, manipulating and sharing huge amounts of information, a much more capable and user friendly platform is needed. The ability to minimise, or even remove, the need to export data outside of your product is also key.

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The solution? A dedicated data analytics platform. While the answer may be a simple one, finding a cost effective solution isn’t always the case. The investment costs of building your own dedicated data warehouse are considerable. While in the long run, a business case might be made for this solution, the initial overheads, as well as the hidden costs and obstacles of scalability can be crippling. What about a Cloud based solution you ask? While this reduces setup costs and deployment time, the issue of efficient scalability as well as wasted resources prevail. 

Fourth, a leading provider of cloud-based cost control solutions to the hospitality industry, had this exact question to answer - how do we provide our customers the information they need, in an intuitive easily accessible affordable package?

As Mike Shipley, Fourth’s Analytics & Insight Solutions Director, recalled:

“Our mission was to create a solution that everyone could afford and could take advantage of,” Shipley explains. “We wanted to empower our customers to run their businesses better — to make the information easy to access, and to offer it in a graphic, interactive interface that they can use everywhere…We saw a need in the market, we found the right partner to help us create it, and we delivered.”

And this is where GoodData’s embedded analytics platform comes in. Without the need for large investment costs or resources to build and manage infrastructure, our tailored solution gives you powerful data driven analytics in a cost effective, scalable package.

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GoodData’s analytics platform gives you:

  • Powerful, easy-to-use analytics embedded in any app or workflow,
  • In a cloud-based solution - with no installation or infrastructure to manage,
  • Within a fast, flexible package, that will see you and your customers up and running in weeks, not months.

With our free plan you can validate GoodData’s solution for your business case, allowing you to trial up to 5 workspaces simultaneously - making sure it’s right for you and your customers.

And when the time is right, simply scale-up. Our Growth plan allows you to scale your analytics and insights as your business grows, letting you continuously empower every customer with insightful data.

February 14, 2020
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