Power to the (Business) People: How The GoodData Platform turns Data into a Profit Center

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Power to the (Business) People: How The GoodData Platform turns Data into a Profit Center

Once upon a time, business intelligence was just about generating charts, graphs and reports. Then analytics — trending, predictive, comparative — came along. Now, as the Third Wave of Business Analytics, or “BI 3.0” begins to take shape, we can reflect on how whether the discipline has delivered on its promise … and which gaps remain to be filled.

One area that most BI vendors continue to fail to deliver on adequately is the “democracy gap.” Since its inception, business intelligence has delivered unprecedented visibility into the past, present, and future … but only to the “analytically elite” — the analysts, the power users, and the Excel junkies. As competitive pressures escalate, we need to release analytics from this silo and make it a part of the enterprise’s culture on all levels, especially in B2B industries.

The democratization of analytics is at the heart of GoodData’s platform. Our latest eBook, Going Beyond the Data: Analytics for the Masses, gives not only a technical overview of our platform but also a roadmap for transforming your data and analytics into a true net-new revenue generating profit center.

If Enterprise Data Monetization is to succeed, organizations have to get resources and insights into the hands of the people who need them, and offer a more accessible way to consume and interact with the final data product. Distributing targeted analytics to each participant — including customers, partners, and distributed stakeholders — will drive greater value throughout the entire business network.

This report details how GoodData’s platform and expertise enable customers to deliver contextually and semantically aware "Smart Business Applications" that bring data and analytics to the applications where work is actually done, through three services:

  • The Distribution Service provisions, manages, and monitors analytic environments for each network member, ensuring the highest levels of security, performance, and scalability without sacrificing manageability.
  • The Analytics Service enables business users to engage with strategic analytics and operational reporting from their business network and easily explore the data to resolve unanswered business questions.
  • The Connected Insights Service enables the “network effect,” yielding greater understanding of external influences as well as operational and strategic performance through benchmarking of business network members to drive revenue.

To learn more, download a complimentary copy of the white paper Going Beyond the Data: Analytics for the Masses.

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