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Nucleus Research Commends GoodData’s User-Enablement & IT Support

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Nucleus Research Commends GoodData’s User-Enablement & IT Support

Among companies ensuring they integrate analytics into their decisions, Nucleus Research found that all organizations are facing similar challenges. Business users are looking for better self-service solutions with stronger features and capabilities for immediate use and IT teams are facing demanding and time-consuming customization and data integration requirements.

In Nucleus Research’s recent report, Assessing the Benefits of GoodData, analysts found that by deploying GoodData’s analytics solution, companies can increase business user and IT productivity, improve visibility, increase user adoption, and see reduced impact on IT budgets.

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Increased User Productivity & Adoption

Today, making a business decision depends upon data from a variety of sources that tend to be stored in a number of siloed data environments, making it difficult for a user to have a concise and unified view of all the data involved. Additionally, business users often require additional IT support for SQL in data analysis. Nucleus Research found GoodData eliminated the steep learning curve and increased data availability to enable business users to operate in a self-service environment.

One user said, “We had custom reports for our clients that would take up to six hours to create using spreadsheets. We would have to compile, execute the reports, build out the tabs and generate the PowerPoints. Often it would require the execution of more than 30 thousand reports. Now all that information is available in a dashboard. We no longer have to build this set of reports for each customer, and they are able to get the information they require from their own dashboard view.”

In addition, along with an increase in productivity, the fast learning curve ensured high adoption of the BI platform with little to no intervention from IT for producing reports and dashboards.

Increased IT Productivity

In reducing requirements on IT for business users data analysis and integration needs, IT is freed up to support innovative tasks or business focused initiatives, that increase impact on their own organization. By removing the requirement for IT to dedicate their their time to the end user community, a company can enable its IT talent in other initiatives and save valuable resources. One organization was able to reduce the amount of time IT allocated to dealing with and responding to end user requests by 60 percent with the implementation of GoodData.

Another user describes their success: “Previously, we were spending nearly 20 hours every six weeks creating updated reports for our board meetings. Now the board displays the dashboards and quickly finds the information they want. No triple checking calculations, validating and verifying numbers – they can simply get down to the business of making decisions.”

Companies found the time their IT teams spent maintaining and supporting end users was negatively impacting their own ability to drive business initiatives. GoodData reduced user reliance on IT and had a reduced cost compared on on-premises solutions.

Increased visibility

Without the data silos between data sources, a single version of the truth is useful and accessible company-wide. With the old methodology, access to real-time data for fast response or decision making was unattainable. With GoodData’s solution, users gained a holistic view of the data, in real-time, and in the format and style they need to make decisions in the time frame and speed they need to be productive and impactful.

“All of our board, executive team, managers, and marketing access the dashboards and reports. Previously, when a request came in from the executive team, people would have to scramble for an hour or two to gather all the data. Now the executive team simply accesses the dashboards and the information is right there, the way they want it.”

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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