GoodData | Where to Find More Data Analytics Insights From Us

Written by Samantha Pereira  | 

GoodData | Where to Find More Data Analytics Insights From Us

It's the season of tricks and treats! In that spirit, we’ve pulled together our own treat for everyone — a list containing more resources from the GoodData team. Are you on Medium or Substack? Great, because those are the two places where you can get more insights from us.


Patrik Barborec, a senior developer advocate at GoodData, is not only a talented thought leader and software engineer but also a data enthusiast. To further discuss data and be a source of expertise, he started his weekly newsletter on Substack. What should you expect from this newsletter? Well, Patrik shares insights and tips for selected data analytics and developer advocacy topics, along with data memes and other articles written by either himself or another data analytics expert.

You can keep up to date by following Patrik on LinkedIn or subscribing to his newsletter.


Did you know several data analytics experts at GoodData are on Medium? Well, now you do! For more insights, you can follow the GoodPeople listed below! If you don’t want to follow individuals on Medium, you can follow GoodData and be kept up to date with everything everyone posts.

  1. Patrik Braborec - Patrik dives deep into several data analytics and BI topics throughout his Medium posts. Recently he published “Headless BI & SQL — Friends or Foes?” and “How To Build a Modern Data Pipeline.”
  2. Jan Kadlec - Jan discusses everything from automation to Python in his Medium articles and recently published “How To Maintain ML-Analytics Cycle With Headless BI?
  3. Jiří Zajíc -  Jiří specializes in building and utilizing GoodData to its full potential. You will find articles discussing how to embed GoodData dashboards into applications and more.
  4. Vaclav Kocian - Vaclav is the latest GoodData expert to join Medium and recently published “7 Crucial Tips for Building Dashboards Users Actually Love To Use.” Expect more great insights coming from him soon so keep your eye out.

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Written by Samantha Pereira  | 


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