MediGain Brings Automation and Analytics to New Heights with GoodData

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January 10, 2017

MediGain had an absolutely incredible 2016. They received a 2016 Technology ROI Award from Nucleus Research for their implementation with GoodData’s analytics platform, a deployment that ultimately generated a 1044 percent return on investment for the company. And according to a recent article in American Healthcare Leader, MediGain’s CIO Ian Maurer has now made it his mission to take the company to a whole new level as far as automation, analytics and security are concerned.

While many of Maurer’s initiatives focus on data security, a key area of innovation has been MediGain’s analytics capability. When he first joined MediGain, their Business Intelligence team was stuck creating month-end reports for each client with an old system that was very slow and required massive amounts of manual data work.

“It was a very manual process,” Maurer said. “It required extracting data from client systems and converting it to Excel format, and then going in and scrubbing that data, creating pivot tables and all this manual data manipulation to create a report to send out as early in the month as possible.”

As the company was experiencing rapid growth following a series of acquisitions, a quantum leap in analysis efficiency over their legacy on-premise analysis system was needed in order to automate these procedures and meet the increased demand.

“I decided on a platform as a service solution with GoodData, and using that tool I was able to create practice management vendor specific automated extracts,” said Maurer. “Once per day, we pull data from our client practice management systems and aggregate and normalize it all so it’s standardized from client to client, and we could look at it in an aggregated format and see all the clients rolled up, and see how we are doing as a company, and see their financial performance over time.”

Partnering with GoodData revolutionized MediGain’s analytics offerings. Their new analytics platform eliminated the errors that had plagued the old system, while freeing up time and resources for their BI team to focus on interpreting the data and managing other projects rather than running reports all the time. In fact, Nucleus Research found that GoodData’s platform not only increased the efficiency and efficacy of MediGain’s BI staff, but also enabled them to offer new client-facing packaged analytics services for financial analysis. This implementation has enhanced MediGain’s value proposition, attracting new clients and boosting their revenue.

Learn more from Nucleus Research about how MediGain drove 1044% ROI with advanced analytics

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