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Let’s Get Personal--BI Requires Data-Driven Personalization

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Let’s Get Personal--BI Requires Data-Driven Personalization

Self-service BI is for everyone. According to Gartner, Inc., in the near future, “BI and analytics won't be used just to serve up a report to hundreds of users, or through providing business users with a good-looking visualization or dashboard, but they will also be used by individuals to do their day-to-day tasks better” (Market Trends: Business Intelligence Tipping Points Herald a New Era of Analytics, Dan Sommer, Frank Buytendijk, Kurt Schlegel, 11 November 2014).

At GoodData, we are meeting the growing need for individual access to data, personal metrics and self-service BI used in day-to-day operations. BI is not just for the C-Suite; it’s for everyone. “Personalization at the individual level, across channels, is no longer limited to tech giants with deep pockets,” says CMSWire. “All brands must—and can—deliver exceptional experiences” that cater to individuals’ needs and preferences.”

BI individualization is possible from the boardroom to the check-out counter. Why, even retailers can apply individual personalization on a store-by-store basis so that salespeople can access personalized data for the customer before them—leveraging past purchase history, online carts and click-stream data to drive more engagement, upsells and conversions.

What’s Data Got to Do with It?

Extreme personalization is where data is “about what I want, when I want it and where I want it,” says Entrepreneur in their recent article “How the Next Five Years Will Revolutionize Business.” With GoodData’s end-to-end, cloud-based platform, everyone from executives to information workers gets access to self-service, personalized analytics and advanced insight through:

  • GoodData’s best-in-class intuitive tool for personalized usability
  • Easy-to-implement PaaS that eliminates the underlying technology stack
  • Subscription-based All-Data tool providing high levels of role-based features
  • PoweredBy GoodData that empowers you to personalize B2B business for clients

Also, besides being entirely committed to making BI personal for all users, we provide stringent levels of perimeter security and safeguarding to protect your internal data. GoodData’s cloud BI platform is extensible to an unlimited number and types of data sources—and scalable to any number of users, as individual users’ needs evolve.

So, who’s up for the power of personal analytics? To discover how GoodData insight can personally impact every single person at your company, contact us directly.

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Written by GoodData Author  | 

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