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Insights as a Service: 40,000+ Minds Are Better Than One

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Insights as a Service: 40,000+ Minds Are Better Than One

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” - Ken Blanchard

As one of the industry’s most well known management consultants and leadership coaches, Blanchard has co-authored a long list of best-sellers that focus on the strength of collaboration in developing effective leadership styles to accelerate change.

As enterprises make their way down the path of digital transformation, we have a unique opportunity to use analytics and technology to empower employees and enhance their individual contributions towards the success Blanchard promotes.

The problem for businesses though, is the inability for employees to access the information to make an impact. The tipping point for a true data-driven organization will be when every employee is empowered with the data and exploration tools required to make decisions at every level - even when they don’t have extensive training and expertise. Spreadsheets can no longer handle the diversity of information sought by the everyday employee.

Intelligence from millions of user interactions

In January, we announced Insights as a Service, productizing the collective learning from across our extensive Insights NetworkTM--then network of accumulated knowledge that has been living within our platform since day one--to recommend new ways for analysts to explore their data. This capability harnesses the experience and intelligence amassed from every historical GoodData user. As Blanchard points out, we are smarter together, and now we have successfully established ways to expose that knowledge to new users, so that no one in our community ever has to reinvent the wheel.

This collective learning is the centerpoint of our strategy to deliver Insights as a Service through guided analytics. When we say, “We start at Insights,” we do so by building from yesterday’s successes.

Increasing access to accelerate change

Today, we are excited to activate the second phase of product updates that support our Insights as a Service strategy. As we continue to garner feedback from customers and analysts we have confirmed that there are two primary bottlenecks with traditional business intelligence practices that need to be alleviated in order to accelerate agility and growth. These bottlenecks are:

  1. Between IT who control the data, and analysts who never have “the right” data, and
  2. Between analysts who control the analytics, and business users who always create new questions

The product updates that we’ve introduced target these choke points and give our users the ability to be individually and collectively more productive with data in areas where they previously had limited or no capabilities:


The Data Explorer is our data exploration interface that allows business analysts to turn around insights from new sources of data in a matter of minutes rather than in weeks or months.


The Analytical Designer is our new self-service data discovery canvas that guides analysts and business managers to better insights drawn from GoodData’s Collective Learning and presented as analytic recommendations.


New email collaboration and group management capabilities make it easy to deliver and corroborate engaging insights with the right stakeholders across the organization.

As an Insights as a Service organization, it is our responsibility to ensure that we are doing everything we can to give more users access to trusted data, analytics and skills so that they can use those crowd-sourced insights to create change:

"GoodData's collaborative analytics, further developed in the most recent update, represents the next evolution of business intelligence," said Manoj Yadav, director of business analytics at Redbubble.com. "This ability to proliferate the reach of analytics and insights throughout the business will make each member of our organization more powerful and productive."

Guiding the future of Insights as a Service

Today we are combining both our own best-practice experience with the user-activity metadata within our multi-tenant platform to create the first generation of recommendations that guide users through the data discovery process. But this is just the beginning. In the future, our goal is to use our collective learning to present recommendations throughout the entire business intelligence experience: all the way from data integration, through analytics, and the delivery of insights through dashboards and other collaboration channels.

We want all of our customers to benefit from the collective value of their peers, because 40,000+ minds are most definitely better than 1. Enjoy the experience.

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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