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How to Manage Internet of Things Data Successfully

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How to Manage Internet of Things Data Successfully

We all know that the Internet of Things (or IoT) has risen to the top of the emerging tech discussion. It’s at the peak of the Gartner Hype Cycle, dominates discussions about the future of home tech, and has begun to enter the industrial digital transformation discussion.

Of course, with this level of hype, many people wonder why the IoT hasn’t started delivering the data and actionable insights it has promised. For example, if FitBit users like myself know how much they move each day, why aren’t we getting customized meal plan recommendations based on our exercise level?

The primary answer is that few emerging IoT providers have thought about the network of data and “smart” insights that will have to support connected devices. Luckily, one organization has been able to integrate all their existing, unstructured, and yes, connected device data into one place...and they’ve already seen results.

This master of IoT data is EmeraldCube, and although they started as a JD Edwards managed services firm, they have grown to become much, much more. Their EmeraldVision offering uses the GoodData platform to integrate sources from JD Edwards, social, public data, unstructured data, and internet-of-things sensors into one complete view of actionable insight.

“Our vision was to revolutionize BI for our customers—and GoodData is the perfect partner. Their ‘all data’ approach powers us to innovate and extend our subscription-based model 3x as fast.”

Craig Kelly
Co-founder and Partner at EmeraldCube Solutions

EmeraldCube has such a mastery of IoT data that they’ve been able to help their customer Superior Industries, a heavy equipment and machinery manufacturer, to measure their EmeraldVision sensor data. This has up-leveled their business as a whole, according to Paul Schmidgall, VP of Manufacturing at Superior Industries.

“Today, it’s a much easier and more intuitive for our production managers to interact with data and have constant visibility into operations. BI is more dynamic with the ability to roll up more than one report, summarize metrics, pare them down, or drill down to the underlying data.”

Paul Schmidgall
VP of Manufacturing at Superior Industries

If you want to find out more about EmeraldCube enables success through traditional BI and Internet of Things data, read their case study.

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Written by GoodData Author  | 

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