Highlights from the Data Monetization Summit NYC 2015

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Highlights from the Data Monetization Summit NYC 2015

An eclectic group of GoodData customers, partners, and the curious joined us in NYC on October 20th for our Data Monetization Summit. We invited Creatorbase to do deep-dive coverage and this highlights blog post will serve as a data monetization resource including video interviews, links and insights from on the ground.

I’ll start by saying it was an exciting, half-day experience for all participants! We touched on customer success strategies and stories, data product best practices, and peer discussions that revolved around an important, unifying theme and business opportunity:

How to leverage – and quite frankly – liberate an unbelievable amount of data to create new revenue streams, provide greater levels of customer satisfaction, and become more competitive with underutilized but accessible data.

Subject Matter Experts and a Room Full of Practitioners

We had a diverse group of presenters and practitioners who discussed the full spectrum of business intelligence for data monetization, focused on distributing analytics to thousands of stakeholders to create new value.

Sid Shetty, ServiceChannel: Monetizing Your Offering and Expanding Client Relationships

ServiceChannel, a Powered by GoodData customer, provides Service Automation solutions for companies managing multi-location commercial facilities. The world’s leading brands use ServiceChannel to benchmark and develop best practices, enhance their brand image, drive significant savings, and mitigate operational risks.

Sid described how GoodData helps ServiceChannel and its customers make data-driven decisions. In fact, ServiceChannel is modernizing a large, fragmented, and inefficient facilities management industry by:

  • Strengthening their core product offerings
  • Providing ad-hoc analytics as needed
  • Managing more real-time refreshes of data
  • Providing prescriptive analytics as an additional product
  • Supporting clients with data monetization professional services

Sid told us that with GoodData, “We’re able to make some valuable insights available to our end users in a matter of clicks – this engages the customer even more and makes the value of our relationship grow, overtime.”

Miranda Ladue, HIMSS Analytics: Our Data Evolution Story

Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Analytics is transforming health through IT. Miranda’s session covered how GoodData helped them transform from the ground up.

In 2014, HIMSS Analytics had an internal strategy change to grow their business around their strengths, focusing on:

  • Their core understanding of the healthcare IT market
  • Deriving insights out of accessible data
  • Collaborating with GoodData to implement an analytics product

Miranda shared a number of insights but one stood out for us. She said, “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good. Make sure you’re in a real, iterative process and that you have something to show and get some excitement in – either for your base or your internal users – so they start to see the power of the solution and the power of analytics; you grow on that.”

Gautam Kher, GoodData: How to Monetize Your Data

Our Head of Business Architecture took the audience through an elaborate discussion with many high-value tools like the blueprint above to advise how to successfully monetize your data from an embedded analytics perspective. Gautam covered topics including:

  • Defining a data product
  • Data monetization blueprint for success
  • Planning for desired outcomes
  • How to organize an analytics product workshop
  • Project leadership characteristics
  • Data monetization strategy maturity capabilities
  • Analytical workflows and much more

Guatam’s session was very popular and a similar point of view is available in ‘Explain it to me like I’m a VP of Product: How to GTM with Embedded Analytics’ ebook.

Jeff Morris, GoodData: What’s New with Data Monetization?

Jeff’s session provided an exceptional overview of what’s new from GoodData’s Analytics Distribution Platform including a number of real-time demonstrations. He touched on new features such as:

  • Analytical Designer including guided data discovery
  • Data Uploader for users to leverage their personal data in a workspace
  • Mobile Dashboard with alerting for users to know when KPIs are triggered
  • Advanced Lifecycle Management to oversee one-to-many deployments

All sessions were focused on educating and inspiring attendees on the value of data monetization, and we closed out the Summit with cocktails and networking. Follow us to learn more about upcoming events and webinars.

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