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Growing Leadership in Data Analytics Helps Partners

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Growing Leadership in Data Analytics Helps Partners

GoodData was recently recognized as a Leader in four quadrants in the G2 Summer 2020 Grid for the top Embedded Business Intelligence and Business Intelligence software products.

We were named a Leader for Business Intelligence overall, Embedded Business Analytics overall, Business Intelligence for mid market and Embedded Business Analytics for mid market.

G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

We’re delighted to note that we’re rapidly extending our leadership position, and that we’re enabling more customers of more sizes to gain insight from their data and to move their business forward with data analytics.

Business intelligence software comprises numerous technologies that discover and display insights related to specific business operations. Embedded business intelligence software provides analytics capabilities within the context of a business application.

Enabling E-Commerce to New Heights

GoodData was launched amid the 2008 economic crisis and has grown to power analytics for 50% of the Fortune 500. We know firsthand that lasting innovations and business models arise even in challenging times, like we’re currently experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Companies are building for the next wave of preparedness, and data analytics will be key to that effort. When data serves everyone, every person in an organization has the right insights at the right time to help them make data-based decisions.

One industry that faces a huge opportunity given the pandemic and changing consumer behavior is e-commerce. As more shoppers stay out of physical stores to shop online, GoodData technology is enabling ecommerce retailers to be the best online sales channel for brands and suppliers.

With data analytics—such as insight into what products are selling where, to whom, and why—companies can maximize revenue, grow market share and create new revenue streams from data they collect. We’re so committed to this arena that we’re offering a free proof of concept offer available in two days upon request.

Getting Customers Up Quickly

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored how quickly companies need to move to seize opportunities and respond to challenges.

In addition to being a leader in more categories, we also earned the Fastest Implementation badge via the Enterprise Implementation Index for Analytics Platforms, as well as the Fastest Implementation badge via the Enterprise Implementation Index for Embedded BI. (GoodData also earned the Best Est. ROI badge via the Enterprise Results Index for Analytics Platforms.)

Data Analytics Everywhere. For Everyone.

The overall analytics and business intelligence software market grew by 10.4% to $24.8 billion in 2019, Gartner says, and modern BI platforms continue to be the fastest growing segment at 17.9%.

Our growing leadership positioning in the mid-market highlights the spread of data analytics into more companies of all sizes. Our Professional and Enterprise pricing tiers makes data analytics available to more companies big and small.

Our own growth—and the growth of the data analytics market overall—underscores that companies of all sizes need data analytics to grow revenue, expand into new markets and respond to new challenges—and they need to do all of that with speed and precision. GoodData is well positioned to help them.

GoodData is a leader in Embedded Business Intelligence on G2

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Written by GoodData Author  | 

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