GoodData’s Take on the Forrester Insight PaaS Wave: Finally Closing the Gap Between Data, Insights and Action

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August 03, 2017

The data management landscape is undergoing a radical transformation. The monolithic stacks of the First Wave of BI crumbled and gave way to the Self-Service Revolution, which promised to grant typical business users the ability to approach data and analytics on their own without a background in statistical analytics, BI, or data mining. But as the flood of enterprise data has increased, these self-service tools have made the problem they were supposed to solve worse. At the same time, investments in on-premise Hadoop-based data lakes are not being realized as their ROI is significantly lower than expected.

Something had to change, and it has. Scalable cloud architectures, advances in Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence have opened the door to a new generation of insight platforms that I believe will finally allow companies to unlock the whole value contained in their data and become truly data-driven. These ‘Systems of Insight’ will finally make good on the promise of big data by closing the loop between data, insights and action.

I believe that Forrester’s recently released report, The Forrester Wave™: Insight Platforms-As-A-Service, Q3 2017 recognizes the companies that are driving this movement and GoodData is proud to be included alongside the companies that in my opinion are leading the charge in defining where cloud data and analytics are going next.

Forrester rated GoodData’s Enterprise Insights Platform as a “Strong Performer” overall. In addition, GoodData received the following scores in the following categories:

  • Time to Value - In this criterion, GoodData received the highest score possible. Our platform was designed to help clients achieve real business value and solve business problems within 8-12 weeks of their first use case. As it’s a closed looped process, our clients will continuously iterate, learn, adapt and add new use cases. It’s worth noting that current customer references played a huge part in receiving this score.
  • Security and Governance - Again, GoodData received the highest score possible in this criterion. The question was: how capable and well integrated are the vendor's tools for monitoring and securing insight applications and the underlying data, and to what extent does the platform support policy-based decision automation?I believe our score reflects the fact that GoodData not only met the requirements, but also has a unified security model across all data types and analytics types using flexible attribute-based data and insight policies.
  • Governance and Optimization - This criterion, in which GoodData received four out of a possible five points, measures how strong a vendors’ services and tools are for monitoring analytics performance and learning from feedback data and optimizing analytics applications in an agile or continuous way.
  • Mindshare - For this criterion, Forrester sought to discover whether a particular vendor occupies an industry leading position in the market in the minds of current and potential customers. To qualify, a vendor had to have scored as a Leader in a Forrester Wave on cloud solutions or received exceptional coverage by the tech industry media in the area of cloud data management or analytics solutions. In this area, I’m proud to note that GoodData scored the highest possible rating.

I am thrilled with Forrester’s evaluation of GoodData, and excited to be part of this emerging and growing category. This is an incredible validation for me of GoodData’s market positioning and platform and a testament to the hard work, tenacity and talent of our remarkable team.

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