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GoodData’s New Pricing Sets Industry Trend

Written by Zdenek Svoboda  | 

GoodData’s New Pricing Sets Industry Trend

Analytics is addictive. That’s a good thing. Once you make better decisions because of analytics, you just want more and more.

But here’s where the addiction can run amuck. Most analytics providers charge by the seat. As more analytics gets used, costs rise. The unpredictability makes it hard for companies to plan and budget—and works against the spread of analytics capabilities.

GoodData provides a solution. We recently launched new pricing that works per workspace, meaning entire companies or teams, instead of by each seat. That makes our costs predictable and, in some cases, up to 10 times cheaper than our competitors. This enables you to share the joy of analytics with people around you--and for no extra cost.

We believe we are among the first, if not the first, in our market segment to launch such pricing.

GoodData has had great success with premium products and services for Enterprise customers. To help small companies grow into successful Enterprise heavyweights, we’re on a mission to democratize access to analytics by enabling analytics everywhere. By analytics everywhere, we mean companies accessing analytics to be more efficient, improve the customer experience, and drive profitability and innovation. To drive analytics everywhere, we also recently introduced another pricing innovation: freemium.

The new “growth” pricing bridges free and enterprise so we have something for every company at every stage of their life. The growth pricing is all-inclusive, including hardware, software, data storage/databases, operations. Add-ons are available, including for data warehousing, white-labeling and single sign-on.

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With growth pricing, GoodData starts at $20 a month per workspace, or $3.50 a month per gigabyte. If you have 10 customers, 70 users and 25 GB of data, you’d pay about $3,400 a year. This compares to about $35,000 a year for a competing product. The more users you have, the bigger the GoodData cost advantage.

We can afford to lead the way on pricing because of our truly multi-tenant platform that serves more than 1.7 million users. This allows us to achieve the lowest cost per user and tenant in the BI industry.

Because of the strength of our product, customers that start small typically end up expanding. Also, 80% of our customers share analytics with their customers or business partners, which drives new revenue streams for our direct customers.

Game Changing Move

No doubt, delivering analytics everywhere is a game changing move.

By offering a new analytics package powered by GoodData, Fourth, the UK’s largest business intelligence provider for the hospitality industry, helped its customers improve performance, make better decisions, save time and save money.

For example, Fourth Analytics helps hotels optimize staffing. With analytics everywhere, restaurants and hotels decrease waste by better understanding what was purchased and what was actually used. Across Fourth’s customer chain, hospitality providers can now use data analytics to help them make better decisions so they don’t cut costs without insight into impact on customer service. Fourth’s annual ROI from implementing GoodData’s platform is 117%, with a payback period of 2.4 years.

Mavenlink, based in San Francisco, built a cloud-based, enterprise-grade project delivery solution that transforms how businesses collaborate with teams and contractors.

Mavenlink Insights, powered by GoodData, provides embedded analytics that show Mavenlink customers tangible metrics as they improve project delivery. With analytics, Mavenlink customers instantly gain visibility into every project’s performance, each client’s profitability, and how individual resources are utilized. Armed with this enhanced insight, Mavenlink customers can now know which processes and practices to replicate, and change those that don’t prove profitable. By helping customers leverage their business data, Mavenlink created a new revenue stream with a product that differentiates it from competitors.

Analytics Everywhere

Across our customer base, analytics enables companies to quickly find answers to the most complex questions, including: What is happening? Why is it happening? What can be done to improve it? Analytics provides crucial feedback for optimizing almost any business function.

Our new pricing options will help spread analytics everywhere, leading to increased business efficiencies and a more personalized, and rewarding customer experience.

Written by Zdenek Svoboda  | 

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