Partnering with StartupYard to Turbocharge European Startups

January 07, 2014
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Vice President, R&D and Operations

StartupYard is a European startup accelerator based in the heart of Europe -- Prague, Czech Republic. When we learned that StartupYard 2014 was all about Data, Search and Analytics, we realized there was a near perfect alignment between the two companies. The goal of StartupYard is to innovate in the Data, Search and Analytics domains. Our mission is to become the catalyst in the business intelligence space by providing a powerful platform as a foundation for fast and efficient partner innovation.

As we learned ourselves, the BI domain is like a vast and deep ocean: you need to invest a lot to cover all the aspects of BI, starting with data loading, storage through analytical engines all the way up to visualization and collaboration. And you need to invest even more to achieve a scalable, reliable and secure technology.

Our thinking behind the StartupYard partnership was this: if you want to innovate in the BI space, why try to replicate what GoodData has already done in the past six years? Why not focus on your core competency and let GoodData to take care of the rest? Amazon Web Services (AWS) has spurred innovation by lowering the barrier to entry for new software startups as new companies no longer need to buy hardware and run their own datacenter. In a similar fashion, GoodData is changing the domain of BI. If you want to innovate in the Data and Analytics space in 2014, there is no need to start from scratch.

GoodData Interactive Dashboards

Perhaps the most exciting part of this partnership is that we are giving startups access to technologies not yet generally available on the GoodData platform. These technologies, which have been in development throughout 2013, will allow third parties to develop custom UI widgets and data visualizations on top of the GoodData platform, store data in a fully integrated data warehouse in the cloud and deploy custom data processing modules into our platform. We envision that this new runtime environment will allow our partners to implement various kinds of segmentation, data mining, statistical modeling and predictive analytics solutions on top of GoodData platform. GoodData plans to make these technologies generally available in 2014.

Our partnership with StartupYard will allow their accelerator companies to leverage these cutting edge technologies to deliver their innovative solutions on top of GoodData even before they become publicly available. The StartupYard partnership will also benefit from shared location. StartupYard is based in Prague, Czech Republic, GoodData has R&D in Prague and Brno, Czech Republic. The accelerator companies will have access to GoodData engineers and architects to assist them in developing their solutions on the GoodData platform. The location gives us the ability to tap and get inspired by the best European talent in the heart of Europe.

Stay tuned for more exciting news in 2014. The next chapter of the GoodData Platform story has just begun!

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