GoodData Accelerator Toolkit: Making Analytics Faster, Easier

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The pace of business has only one speed: faster than before, and companies need analytics everywhere to keep up. That’s why we improved our front-end development library GoodData.UI with an Accelerator Toolkit.

Organizations looking for a seamless integration of their products with 3rd party vendors rely on the provided SDKs and well documented APIs. However, when then SDK is too complex, companies spend efforts and costs for developers to get the requirements done. The more senior developers are required the costs are getting higher, what’s difficult to anticipate upfront. Therefore, organizations should always focus on how the customizability and openness for developers look like and make sure that technical evaluators are included in the buyer evaluation process. 

This recently released tool enables developers to create analytics-rich applications faster than ever. By doing so, companies get business insights at a lower cost because it takes developers less time and less effort to bring data products to market, which requires also less senior resources and more junior developers to be included.

Developers can easily generate code snippets of visualizations, so that they can be embedded into applications. They can build a new analytical application just by writing a few lines of code. They can embed analytics at the point of work, meaning it's right there on the screen that users view, in the form they need to make better decisions when they need, or they can display the analytics in a more traditional dashboard and report framework — or both.

For a technical overview, see our post here.

With analytics that can be developed and deployed faster to the final product, companies and their customers get insights faster, which also then result in better return on investment of the analytics solution, as the time to market is faster. Enhanced tools like ours help spread analytics into every facet of a business or organization, empowering workers at all levels with analytics.

GoodData’s mission is to enable that revolution so that businesses don’t have to build analytics products on their own. At the same time, we recognize that companies may want their own user-interfaces to be front and center with their customers.

By making the creation of the analytical user-interface even easier for developers, the latest version of our Accelerator Toolkit enables companies large and small to bring data products faster to market and provide understandable, relevant and actionable insights for users. 

The ease-of-development provided by the Accelerator Toolkit for GoodData.UI dovetails with broader GoodData efforts to drive analytics everywhere, including with the introduction of Freemium pricing last year, intended for smaller companies diving into analytics. 

April 27, 2020
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