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Getting There Faster: How to Meet Your Analytics Implementation Deadlines

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Getting There Faster: How to Meet Your Analytics Implementation Deadlines

If you’re looking to deliver analytics to your customers, you may know that partnering with GoodData enables you to create company-branded data portals or embed analytics in your software-as-a-service products. You may know that GoodData enables you to extract data from myriad data sources, and create metrics, charts, and dashboards—but did you know GoodData helps you get there faster?

As the leader in end-to-end cloud analytics, GoodData enables more than 100,000 users to store, combine, analyze and visualize data to quickly answer business-critical questions. GoodData’s customers experience rapid time to value, with implementations completed ten times faster than traditional on-premise approaches.

Key Steps to Quick Implementation

Adding analytics to your product and creating dashboards that yield new performance insights can place your business at a significant competitive advantage in today's data-driven world. Additionally by partnering with an analytics ally like GoodData, you can benefit from additional advantages like collaborative social functions, new processes and workflows, and continually updated technology.

Yet remember that before you implement any BI solution, it’s crucial to thoroughly define your strategy for bringing an analytics product to market to help ensure implementation can be accomplished in both a cost-effective and timely manner.

1. Know where you’re headed—and how to get there.

It's amazing how often people start projects without really developing a vision of where they wish to end up. Without a vision, it becomes very difficult to determine if you were successful, if more work needs to be done, and even if you are ready to launch. As your analytics ally, GoodData’s here for you. We’ve prepared a blueprint: The Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics, which outlines best practices for this all important go-to-market process. It’s a plan for structuring, pricing and launching your product, and for delivering support once it’s in production. Take a look through this guide and you’ll discover our plan will get you there faster.

2. Measure what matters—and clearly communicate what that is.

Although companies are investing in analytics, many fail to see a positive impact on their bottom-line because they’re measuring too many or inconsistent elements.

“Establishing the right set of KPIs is important as they set the stage for faster and better decision-making.”


When shaping an analytics strategy, keep only your main business objectives in mind at the start. It’s best to start small and fine tune from there.

“To simplify measurement, look for a small set of KPIs that will be reliable, consistently measured, accurate and timely.”


And to ensure a constant is known and followed, experts recommend that “Once determined, it's also important to communicate fine-tuned KPIs with colleagues who are also involved in tracking performance within the organization.”

“Make sure all teams are well informed and have plenty of time to prepare for the release of your new product—from legal to support.”


3. Partner with experts—work with GoodData for faster results.

Developing and supporting your own cloud-based platform is an enormous proposition. If you are more concerned with delivering BI results than becoming an actual BI developer, it makes sense to partner with the experts.

When you utilize our end-to-end platform, it’s easy to get up and running quickly. You’ll enjoy rapid deployment of the industry’s most advanced digital marketing analytics platform. And get instant access to a solution that’s more robust than an in-house that could take months or years to develop.

Recently Nucleus Research surveyed businesses who weighed the options of building their own platform vs. buying an established BI platform and resoundingly the buy option won out. Customers who chose to partner with established BI solutions had this to say:

“To build an end to end Cloud BI solution is an expensive and long term project… and was completely beyond our scope. It was both cost and time prohibitive to consider and we knew would have significantly impacted our own solution delivery.”

“We have a set of requirements that we wanted to deliver to our clients that we knew would be challenging to build on our own. The effort required would mean we’d miss deadlines, and not meet customer expectations. Leveraging an existing proven BI solution has meant we’ve surpassed customer expectations.”

“We set ourselves a 60 day schedule for delivery of our solution – to go from nothing to a complete implementation with ETL, reports, graphs and dashboards. If we had built the BI solution ourselves, we would have never met our deadline.”

How to Launch in Record Time

When you’re ready to generate new revenue streams by delivering embedded analytics in your products or via a branded data portal, speed to market with GoodData’s platform and expertise. You’ll launch in record time and start generating new revenue within the first 90 days. And with the most experience in cloud-based digital and social data, and accelerators for social, marketing, sales and Yammer analytics, you can trust GoodData to help you keep up with the speed of data.

Check out Powered by GoodData to see how to turn your data into dollars, fast!

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Written by GoodData Author  | 

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