Get Stuff Done: GoodData BI Increases User Productivity

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Get Stuff Done: GoodData BI Increases User Productivity

1 of 5: The first of a series that takes a closer look into what Nucleus Research found when they examined how our GoodData Business Intelligence Platform impacts our customers. Today, we’ll examine how ease of use and self-service help our customers uplift employee productivity.

There's just too much to do! Don't you wish you could be more productive? Green Beret-turned-author Michael Green says that when he was in the Special Forces, “Impossible was not part of our vocabulary. We approached things with the mindset of success, stacked the deck, and found the resources to make it happen.” With GoodData BI Solutions in place, our customers have found the resources to make more happen, more easily—without IT—increasing employee productivity and GoodData user adoption, too.

Putting the power in the hands of the people …

Think of the time and productivity lost when half of simple analytics requests take a week or longer1. Less than one-third of complex BI requests to IT are fulfilled within a month, according to Forrester research1. What if the ‘middle-man’ was removed and IT requests were replaced with self-service BI?

The Business Intelligence market is expected to reach $20.81 billion by 2018, largely because companies want to streamline their reporting systems. People are demanding faster access to custom reports. They want to examine data in real time.

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What do companies want from BI?

Data discovery and collaboration have moved to the center of the BI discussion for most companies, according to Nucleus Research. Here are the TOP GOALS today’s companies want from increased access to data and business intelligence:

Lost In Data Translation? Forrester’s Data Taxonomy To The Rescue, Forrester Research, August 8, 2014

How does GoodData improve productivity?

In Nucleus Research’s recent report, Assessing the Benefits of GoodData, analysts found that by deploying GoodData’s analytics solution, companies:

  • Reduced reliance on IT for hundreds of customized reports.
  • Eliminated the two to three week lag for report deployment.
  • Improved business processes and productivity.
  • Changed the way they view data and make business decisions.

With a trusted, reliable reporting environment, employees at these companies were able to operate in self-service environments, have confidence in their data, and generate their own reports and analysis based on their own speed of decision making.

Nucleus Research found that GoodData increased data availability, enabling business users to help themselves to data, with little to no intervention needed from IT for producing reports and dashboards. And our fast learning curve and self-service environment ensured a quick and high adoption rate of the cloud-based analytics and reporting capabilities.

Listen to what some adopters have to say about how GoodData helped increase productivity:

  • Self-Service means better informed decisions for everyone.

“Before [GoodData], users would have to rely on IT to access the different systems using a variety of tools. Now the data is broadly accessible to a wider non-technical audience.”

  • Real-time access enables quicker response times.

“The real benefit has been getting access to data in real time. Without GoodData, we wouldn’t have had the data update at the same frequency, the same level of insight (or) responsiveness.”

  • Ease of use frees analysts to uncover insights.

“It would often take two to three weeks to deploy a report as conditions would change. Now our clients can create their own reports and analysis. My staff is able to focus on analysis and uncovering insights in the data.”

  • Optimized processes improve customer interaction.

“Custom reports would take up to six hours to create using spreadsheets. Now (our customers) are able to get the information they require from their own dashboard view.”

So, next time there’s just too much to do, consider taking the reins yourself. Don’t let “impossible” be part of your vocabulary. Take the GoodData approach to Business Intelligence using the mindset of success; stack the deck and get the resources to get stuff done for yourself—better, faster.

1Benchmark Your BI Environment, Forrester Research, Inc., October 2, 2013

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