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Get Rid of Complicated Data Source Management Once and For All

Written by Tomas Kratochvil  | 

Get Rid of Complicated Data Source Management Once and For All

When you’re starting a new data project, you’re looking to see results quickly, to share those results with your business network to validate your findings and then move forward. To do so, you need to get answers for questions about revenue, cash flow, costs, or your partner’s efficiency comparison. You likely also have your data in Snowflake, Google BigQuery, or Amazon Redshift.

GoodData has integrated data source management directly in the user interface, which makes the solution easier to use. You can start for free with just a single platform and data source—with no risk of realizing later that you need an account on a different and usually paid platform to proceed.

The struggle with getting analytics fast to your business network

Bringing static data to the market might be easy. Think of a spreadsheet that could be sold for profit. You’d simply prepare the data, recalculate with formulas, and then sell the same data to everyone.

However, bringing a data product to the market and especially to your business network is a completely different challenge that requires you to complete a number of steps:

  • You have an existing channel: product or portal
  • You have a business network: your franchises, suppliers, vendors, or employees in different branches
  • You have the data about business activities in your IT systems
  • You take this data, apply statistical operations and calculations, and create meaningful measures
  • You translate these measures into insights, which help the right person make the right decisions at the right time
  • You share these insights with every peer in your business network with data relevant to them in a professional and user-friendly way
  • You keep the data and insights up-to-date
  • You keep the data secure and provide access to certain data for just a specific group of users
  • You are aligned with your or your customers’ compliance requirements
  • You make this data product an additional revenue stream
  • You keep the costs of operation low over time even if your business network grows

These are a lot of steps ahead of you, but as a classic quote states “well begun is half done.” So how can you begin every data project well?
By connecting the data source in the right way.

Data source management made easy

GoodData provides an easy way to manage data sources by integrating it directly in our user-friendly data integration console. There’s no need to call various APIs to connect your cloud data warehouse to GoodData (although you can if you prefer). The web interface is also used for building the logical data model on top of the data warehouse schema.

Data engineers and especially GoodData Free users, who need to quickly prototype their first data product to validate business models, can now use this interface for setting up a connection to one of the supported cloud data warehouses.

Start by going to your GoodData account. If you don’t already have one, you can create your GoodData Free account here, then create your workspace.

SAML SSO image

When logged in to the GoodData interface, go to the data integration console. Now you can choose from multiple cloud data warehouses: Google Big Query, Snowflake, or Amazon Redshift.

Let’s continue with Amazon Redshift in this example. Fill in all the connection details in the form, test that your connection is correct, and hit “Save.”

SAML SSO image

Then create an output stage in your cloud data warehouse that serves as a source for loading data into your GoodData workspaces. GoodData handles this for you as well!

SAML SSO image

GoodData will analyze your data structure and suggest queries to execute in your cloud data warehouse, create a logical data model, and publish it to the workspace.

Then you need to set up a regular schedule—since you need to have the latest insights for your business network.

SAML SSO image

As you can see, GoodData does a lot of the work for you in a guided way. This saves you valuable time at the beginning of every data project, so that you can spend more time on what really matters—the analysis—and share the outcomes with your teams and partners.

Get started with GoodData with easy data source management

Do you want to start building data products that bring real answers to your questions and help your business network grow? You can start with GoodData Free and validate your business idea for a data product without an upfront investment into the solution. GoodData Free will allow you to do so for up to five workspaces, with 100 MB space per workspace and an hourly data refresh rate. In GoodData Free, besides the cloud data warehouses, you can use a standard CSV file upload as well. And, in the paid version, GoodData supports more than 150 data sources.

Written by Tomas Kratochvil  | 

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