Free at Last: How End-to-End BI Platforms Increase IT Productivity

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Free at Last: How End-to-End BI Platforms Increase IT Productivity

2 of 5: Second in a series about how real-life customers benefit from deploying the GoodData Business Intelligence Platform. Last week, we looked at how self-service impacts employee productivity. Today’s all about IT productivity…

Noted theoretical physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson, has been quoted saying “The Wright brothers invented flying as a relief from the monotony of their normal business of selling and repairing bicycles.” With GoodData business intelligence solutions in place, IT customers are freed from the monotony of preparing customized reports for knowledge workers—increasing IT productivity across the board and enabling IT staff who’ve deployed GoodData with the freedom to go where no IT department has gone before.

How does GoodData improve productivity?

In Nucleus Research’s recent report, Assessing the Benefits of GoodData, researchers declared that by deploying GoodData’s analytics solution, IT departments found:

  • More time available to allocate toward business-focused initiatives.
  • Teams were freed to allocate sufficient time to innovative tasks.
  • One IT team reduced time spent responding to end user requests by 60 percent.
  • IT significantly increased productivity and reduced report generation activities.

With little to no intervention needed from IT for producing reports and dashboards, IT workloads were freed up for more strategic work, uncovering new insights, and driving business value—IT thus becoming a greater asset vs. a cost center. “Now, we have more end-user self service. (They) are able to create their own analysis, and (IT has) much better use of our resources,” offered one customer.

“Previously my team was spending 70% of its time on customizing reports and responding to change requests. Now that is less than 10% and (IT) can focus on performing their analyst role.”

Expanding the range of IT capabilities …

Just as the invention of the world’s first successful airplane enabled Wilbur and Orville Wright to move beyond bicycles in 1905, the creation of GoodData’s open analytics platform is enabling IT system administrators to break out of their boxes and focus on new roles to potentially become:

Data discovery proponents involved in inter-departmental strategy development—With the solid governance GoodData provides, IT can now promote data discovery enterprise-wide. When users are confident in their data, they will begin to think more like revenue generators, and fully participate in the analytic experience. IT can play a strategic role in evangelizing data discovery, as experts in assuring corporate leaders about the stability of their BI solution.

Revenue-generating data scientists and analysts—Because GoodData eliminates essentially all IT-overhead related to system management, expansion, and performance, without sacrificing performance or security, your IT staff can now expand their skill set to provide analytics as a service to various lines of business within and without the enterprise.

Custom BI app developers within the context of the IT department—Since the GoodData open platform can be customized and embedded in any third-party application, or even white-labeled and presented as a part of your own product, we’re equipping IT departments with the tools necessary to build custom solutions for their internal and external customers.

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