Empowering Our Customers So They Can Empower Theirs

June 14, 2018
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Director of Corporate Communications & Customer Marketing
Amy Duryea Director of Corporate Communications & Customer Marketing Amy Duryea is the Director of Corporate Communications & Customer Marketing at GoodData, where she focuses on creating a unified corporate communication strategy and evangelizing GoodData's strategic vision. She is responsible for managing public and analyst relations, as well as building GoodData's customer advocacy program. Prior to GoodData, Amy built successful advocacy programs with a variety of companies for more than fifteen years. Originally a native of Silicon Valley, Amy has lived in Portland, OR for the past 20 years.

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My job puts me in frequent contact with our customers, who represent a range of company sizes and serve a wide array of industries. The one thing they all have in common is that they need a solution to their data problems, a way to make the massive amounts of data they collect actionable. And that’s where our partnership starts.

Building these partnerships is one of the things I love most about my job. As we get to the heart of our customers’ business issues, we’re able to work together to deliver a solution that enables our customers to succeed, achieve greater ROI, and improve their customers’ experiences.



Celebrating their successes—as well as our own—has taken many forms over the years, including customer success stories, nominations for speaking opportunities and awards, and proactive byline pitches on behalf of our customers to showcase their thought leadership.  Our efforts haven’t gone unrewarded; a GoodData customer has won the Nucleus ROI award three years in a row—and I have my fingers crossed for a fourth!



While I’m most often focused on celebrating our customers and getting them great exposure, we recently had three customers return the favor, which I appreciate tremendously. ServiceChannel, EmeraldCube, and Fourth agreed to participate in videos showing how partnering with GoodData has given them greater visibility into their business processes and revolutionized how they think about business intelligence. The end result? Happy customers delivering world-class solutions that empower their customers. And that’s something to celebrate!


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