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Embedded analytics in your software product

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Embedded analytics in your software product

Embedded Analytics - What is it? And why is it needed?

Embedded analytics represents a stage of analytics where the whole analytics platform and data pipeline, or its parts - be it just one graph, one dashboard or thousands of them - are integrated into another software (or an application, if you prefer this term). The software itself might be a company’s internal web portal (typically, enterprise), or the marketed product offering of a software company.

The key to embedding analytics is in creating a seamless experience for the end user whereby the analytics platform forms an inherent part of the application into which it is embedded, rather than two separate tools.

Two software platforms become one via three levels: embedding, customizing, branding.

More than just dashboards

The data analytics part of the equation is not only about having static dashboards and visualizations embedded into another business application or web portal, however.

In particular, it’s about integrating and managing all the pieces of the puzzle that enable data visualization to be accurate, interactive and attractive, and smoothly orchestrated, all from one central location. Pieces that include:

  • connection to various data sources,
  • updates and changes deployed to thousands of separated user groups and their respective end users,
  • a backwards-compatible self-service analytics interface for end users,
  • and global data privacy and security, to mention a few.

In other words, embedded analytics is meant to be an end-to-end solution for hundreds, or even tens of thousands, of user groups and their end users, with various use cases: which data they need to ingest and visualize, which metrics they need to have available or create themselves, and so on.

It’s this complexity that gives rise to embedded analytics often being referred to as a solution or platform, as opposed to a piece of software or a tool.

The main hurdle for embedded analytics is how to roll out, manage, and control all the above-mentioned pieces of the puzzle from one central place - seamlessly, easily, transparently, cost-efficiently, securely, and without errors.

Very few can do this.

The popularity of embedded analytics can be seen within its applications in many large organizations, due to its ability to be efficiently customized to fit the widely varying needs of their hundreds of internal teams. Software development companies are another key example of embedded analytics use, in this instance integrated into SaaS (Software as a Service) applications.

An intricate decision to make

And it’s this, the evaluation process, that can be the hardest part to tackle.

With the world of data analytics solutions made up of a complexity of different options, only the most seasoned solution experts know which questions to answer and what to look for. They are the ones who can ensure that the embedded analytics solution you choose is able to keep pace with all the other pieces of the puzzle, in terms of speed, capacity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

So, with the above in mind, read on to learn which aspects you should be investigating, in your pursuit to find the right embedded analytics platform for your product.

In this guide we will introduce you to the eight most crucial aspects of embedded analytics platforms:

  1. Easy scalability to 100s, or even 10 000s, of separated customers (i.e. user groups)
  2. Profitability and the ability to predict future costs
  3. Efficient deployment in a matter of weeks
  4. Airtight data security for every customer
  5. Self-service visualization and backward compatibility
  6. Customization and branding - anything, flexibly
  7. Control of your customers and their usage
  8. A single embedded analytics platform

This starter guide is for management, product, and solution teams that would like to obtain an understanding of embedded analytics solutions and which basic and advanced aspects of embedded analytics they need to evaluate within their own teams, in order to make well-informed, sustainable choices..

Download the complete guide here.

Or continue further

For more technical in-depth guidance, we recommend downloading our "Go-to Guide to Launching Branded & Embedded Analytics".

You can also continue the embedded analytics page where you can read and download more useful information.

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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