Good News! You Don't Need IT For Advanced Salesforce Analytics

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Good News! You Don't Need IT For Advanced Salesforce Analytics

When you think about sales running reports out of your CRM, what words come to mind? Data exports, Excel spreadsheets, pivot tables, vlookup, means, medians, ratios. Do you have a headache yet?

We understand. The problem with many CRM Tools is that they don't offer formula-driven reporting, which makes getting the analyses you need painful, time consuming, expensive and they require IT involvement.

While your analysts or IT group are probably capable of answering your questions, they're bombarded with a million other requests so it's hard for them to meet your tight, end-of-quarter deadlines.

With third party analytics, you don't have to rely on IT anymore. There are a whole spectrum of benefits associated with that new-found freedom, but here are a few of our personal favorites:

1. Operating from a single source of truth:

In order to run the reports and analyses that you need, you probably have to export data from the source and manipulate it outside of the sandbox. The problem with that process is that everyone can run their own analysis, and almost always come up with different answers. As a result, no one trusts the data which makes it hard to find the best answers.

2. Improved alignment between teams:

Having a single source of truth ensures that all teams are keeping score the same way. That level of clarity improves the trust and communication between teams, which ultimately helps with alignment and organizational efficiency.

3. Allowing analysts to add more value:

Your business analyst probably spends about 80% of their time running routine operational reports and answering one-off questions for their colleagues. By having a platform that automates the standard reporting and analyses, they can focus on answering more complex questions and analyzing trends, rather than crunching numbers. A much more valuable use of their time and yours.

"We get visual insights into key business activities and metrics, and it doesn't mean sacrificing two days of work."

Bob Hammond
Millennial Media

Written by GoodData Author  | 


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