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Divya Ghatak, our Chief People Officer, Joins Watermark’s Board of Directors

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Divya Ghatak, our Chief People Officer, Joins Watermark’s Board of Directors

GoodData is proud to announce that Divya Ghatak, our Chief People Officer, has joined Watermark’s board of directors. Watermark’s mission is to increase the number of women in leadership positions, and Divya’s passion for building diverse and inclusive teams will be a huge asset to their organization.

Divya oversees global people operations at GoodData, where she combines her extensive leadership experience developing strategic people operations for diverse global businesses with a special focus on employee engagement, talent and leadership development, corporate culture and organizational collaboration. Recently, I sat down with Divya to chat with her about her thoughts and feelings about this latest achievement.


How did you hear about Watermark, and what appealed to you about them?

“I first learned about Watermark through the diversity initiatives that I worked on while I was at Cisco, and more recently I attended their Watermark Conference for Women along with several other GoodData employees. In terms of what drew me to them, the scale and the level of coordiation is unprecendented compared to what I’ve seen in the past, from the diversity and quality of speakers to the level of organization and reach of the program. I also love the fact that this is a completely mission driven nonprofit dedicated to a most relevant cause of our times!”

What will your duties be as a Board Member at Watermark?

“My primary initiatives will be around furthering the mission of Watermark, which is to increase the number of women in leadership positions everywhere, not just in tech. I am excited about being able to represent Watermark’s amazing membership community and at the same time, continue to leverage my leadership role in enhancing Watermark’s public standing. My board duties will involve committing dedicated time to prepare for BOD and/or committee meetings, actively serving on at least one standing board committee, and attending social events, conferences and speaker series.

The business case for building diverse and inclusive environments has never been stronger, and I’m excited about using my talents, network and knowledge base to bring this to the forefront with Watermark; they provide an amazing forum for inspiring and developing people.”

What are your top 3 goals as a Watermark Board member?

  1. Attend key events that foster Connection – Watermark creates a safe and comfortable space where professional women truly come together and make meaningful connections, pursue new opportunities, problem solve, empathize, de-stress, and celebrate each other’s successes.
  2. Help generate resources for development through programs that offer: opportunities for continuous learning, promote innovation and growth from top thought leaders in monthly webinars, speaker series and 1⁄2 day conferences.
  3. Advocacy – Leverage my network and connections to amplify our influence and actively work towards the next quantum leap in our individual and collective success. Our goal is to increase representation of women at executive levels to drive innovation, human development and economic growth.

What can the women of GoodData look forward to learning through your involvement with Watermark?

“This new position will directly support the Women in Leadership program led by Marlene Arroyo at GoodData. We have been lucky to have the sponsorship of our CEO Roman Stanek in creating an environment that engenders diverse and inclusive teams. Watermark hosts 50+ events a year, which will provide huge opportunities to connect GoodData’s employees with women in leadership. By attending these events, women at GoodData can gain practical knowledge, such as how to improve their negotiation skills as well as get closer to their dreams and aspirations through targeted programs, development and sponsorship”.

What can the men of GoodData look forward to learning through your involvement with Watermark?

“My passion is to build amazing experiences where talented people can perform at their best, and that goes just as much for men as it does for women. While a lot of Watermark’s events tend to be women oriented, we know we must get men in on the conversation. There’s an article in the New York Times that I love that talks about including men at these events to make a dent in the lack of women in leadership roles. When we’ve had external speakers talk about these topics, the GoodData men have attended with passion. To quote - ‘sisterhood is not enough, workplace equality needs men too!’”

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